Aspire Global Revenues Rise for 27% in Q4 2017

Aspire Global Revenues Rise for 27% in Q4 2017Founded in 2005, Aspire Global with a vision to create complete IGaming solutions for operators and white labels and with their services to help online marketing companies with everything they needed to become IGaming operators.


Aspire Global has Reported 27% Rise in Q4 2017


This online gaming solutions and white label software provider has announced a 27% year-on-year increase in their revenues in the fourth quarter of 2017.


In a public report, the company gave the financial results for the last quarter of 2017 with a sum of €19.2 million over the figures from the fourth quarter of 2016 which was with revenues of €15.1 million.


The Income from B2B Operations Increased by 40%


The income from the business-to-business (B2B) operations is with the enormous increasing result from 40% in a comparison with the previous year during the quarter, and they are showing a figure of €10.3 million improving from the €7.3 million earned during the fourth quarter of 2016.


EBITDA – Going Up for 35% in the Last Quarter of 2017


However, the earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization – EBITDA are going up for 35% on a year-to-year basis in the last quarter of 2017. The company shows an improvement on the €7.3 million earned during Q4 2016 with a figure of €10.3 million in the last Q4 2017.


In a public statement, along with the company results the Aspire Global Chief Executive Officer, Tsachi Maimon said: “In the fourth quarter, we mobilized to compensate for the income loss from Australia through strong performance in our other markets, while finalizing the upcoming launch of Sportsbook. The fourth quarter is usually our strongest quarter in terms of seasonality, but given the circumstances, it was particularly pleasing that December became our best month ever as for revenues.”


18 % Rise in Income for All Quarters of 2017


In the financial report for the total year of 2017, the company Aspire Global was able to report figures of 18 % rise in income which will be equal to €71.9 million in 2017.


Although, the number of the company first-time depositors also increased by 37% to 246,100 during the full year 2017. The company EBITDA going up by 25% to €14.3 million, and also the B2B income grew by 24% year-on-year to €37.1 million.


The official website of Aspire Global has published the following results:


Fourth quarter (Oct-Dec 2017)


  • Revenues increased by 27% to MEUR 19.2 (15.1)
  • B2B Revenues increased by 40% to MEUR 10.3 (7.3)
  • EBITDA increased by 35% to MEUR 3.8 (2.8)
  • EBITDA margin increased to 20% (19%)
  • EBIT increased by 33% to MEUR 3.5 (2.6)
  • Earnings after tax amounted to MEUR 3.3 (3.7)
  • Basic earnings per share*, after tax, from continued   operations amounted to EUR 0.03 (0.09)
  • First Time Depositors (FTDs) increased by 55% to       68.0 thousand (43.8)


Full year (Jan-Dec 2017)


  • Revenues increased by 18% to MEUR 71.9 (61.0)
  • B2B Revenues increased by 24% to MEUR 37.1 (30.0)
  • EBITDA increased by 25% to MEUR 14.3 (11.4)
  • EBITDA margin increased to 20% (19%)
  • EBIT increased by 22% to MEUR 13.0 (10.6)
  • Earning after tax amounted to MEUR 12.3 (11.6)
  • Basic earnings per share*, after tax, from continued operations amounted to EUR 0.23 (0.28)
  • First Time Depositors (FTDs) increased by 37% to 246.1 thousand (179.4)
  • The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of approximately 3.8 MEUR, or 0.85 SEK per share, to be paid for the 2017 financial year


* Basic earnings per share after tax, from continued operations, adjusted for Aspire Global’s share in the results of associated companies amounted to 0.07 EUR and 0.27 EUR for the fourth quarter of 2017 and full year 2017, respectively.

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