Each of eight gamesters in Sweden is frequently gambling on International Gambling Websites

Each of eight gamesters in Sweden is frequently gambling on International Gambling WebsitesMEDIAVISION GAMBLING REPORT


The latest report from Swedish Consultancy Company Mediavision presented monthly frequent gambling during the second half of 2017 of 55% of all gamblers aged between 18 to 74. The report showed an increase from the same period of 2016 when it was recorded 50% of the Sweden population age 18-74 had gambled monthly.


According to Mediavision the main reason for increases in Swedes online casino market was the internationally licensed operators who attracted one in eight gamesters to gambling on their websites. The online operators like LeoVegas, Kindred Group, and Betsson originate from Sweden but based on Malta brought the most benefit for rising gambling activity and were the biggest source of growth on the gambling market. This reflected with the growth of 25% from previous year.


 The Mediavision report also informed about the newly opened gambling accounts during the second half of 2017 who were mainly registered with the internationally gambling providers. For the Sweden market that means rapid growth of unregulated online gambling market all along the second half of 2017. But the consultancy company noted that at the same time consumers of the foreign gambling operators played frequently and invested more money than the customers of Sweden’s locally licensed operators.




Sweden is working on changing gambling environment and wants to introduce the new gambling low on 1st of January, 2019. With the new set of rules, the international operators would be able to apply for licenses which would provide provision for online casino and sport betting services. In the same time expectations are for one of the best and biggest regulated markets in Europe.






According to Swedish research company Kantar Sifo, between the 20 top advertises on Swedes local media during 2017, were several gambling companies, as well as the state company Svenska Spel.

For example, the company that had the monopoly over the Sweden gambling market in 2017 spent on 

Various advertising campaigns around SEK472.27 million or about $58.6 million.


Due to the Kantar Sifo report, company Kindred Group (earlier known as Unibet Group) was one of the operators that spent most for advertising last year even SEK443.09 million or $55 million and LeoVegas revealed the biggest increase in spending money for marketing. Anyway, the Swedish companies had spent 83.2% more for advertising in 2017 than 2016.


Analysts reported that so big increase in spending money for advertising became as a result of companies struggle to secure better position and recognition on the Swedish online gambling market.  The expectation for the upcoming regulated online gambling market is the very big cause of the momentarily colossal demand for gambling services in the country.

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