Football Season Showcases Sports Betting Spike

Pretty much
everyone in Ohio knows that the biggest game of the season is less than a week
away. As we get toward the most exciting part of the college football season,
it’s a good time to remind every sports fan out there to “Get Set Before You
Bet.” Sports betting continues to spread across the country – and with it, the
need to make sure people know the risks and how to gamble responsibly.

The Situation

A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that opened the doors for sports wagering across the country continues to stoke interest in legal and illegal sports wagering. The numbers are almost hard to believe:

The global sports betting market will grow from $104
billion to $155 billion between 2018-2024, according to a Zion Market Research report. Illegal wagering in the black market approaches $150 billion
per year. The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association estimates nearly 60 million people play fantasy
sports; 80% of them play fantasy football. Daily fantasy sports growth is expected to exceed 10%
per year between now and 2024. As the popularity of sports gambling grows, so too, does its social acceptance. That’s why Before You Bet’s mission of promoting responsible gambling is so important.

The Solution

Before You Bet has earned
national recognition for our diverse set of tools that provide education and
awareness of responsible gambling practices and treatment resources. Those
tools include:

Day In the Life Of A Responsible Gambler
– a game that helps people understand how to set proper limits on wagering. A free community toolkit – featuring customizable resources appropriate for
children, adults, and seniors.A
free online quiz – to help people
better understand if they have a potential problem with gambling.Sports gambling isn’t showing signs of slowing down – but neither is our commitment to keeping people safe. For more responsible gambling information and resources, visit