Leaving Ohio’s Universities off the Betting Boards.

Preventing betting on college sports.

House Bill 194 (HB 194) has been under consideration for years. If passed, the bill
will add Ohio to a growing list of states to legalize sports betting. While
many arguments have been heard on both sides of the debate – a new voice is
starting to join in. That voice is coming from Ohio’s public colleges and

Inter-University Council (IUC), consisting of Ohio’s 14 public colleges and
universities, has expressed its opposition before the House Finance Committee.
The goal of the council is to keep college sports betting out of HB 194. “In a
nutshell, we oppose gambling on college athletics because it will bring with it
the potential to corrupt our students, cost a lot of money to maintain control
and lead to additional cases of problem gambling among our students,” said
Bruce Johnson – President of the IUC.

isn’t alone in its opinion. Ever since the Supreme Court lifted the ban on
sports betting in 2018, the NCAA has been against the ability to bet on college
sports. One concern is the increased risk of student athletes soliciting and
accepting payments in order to influence the outcomes of games.

So far,
18 states have legalized sports betting since the Supreme Court’s ruling. It
seems inevitable that more states will follow suit. That’s why, moving forward
– it’s important that we not lose sight of the effects that gambling expansion
can have. We all need to do our part to minimize the growth of problem gambling
in our communities.

For more information on responsible gambling practices, visit BeforeYouBet.org.